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Our team at Zizari Hair Care does a full examination of the customer's hair and the general health status before starting to treat the hair and choose the products that are fully compatible with the nature and quality of this hair, in order to ensure a glittering result after the completion of the hair treatment, then experts specialized in following up with the client after hair treatment to help the customer in how and ways to take care for it and nourish him ,in order to get healthy hair with an attractive appearance

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Customer Profile

We create a reference file for each client, which contains the condition of the hair before treatment, the products used, the time of application, and the condition of the hair after application. We examine the scalp and follicles, and alert the client when using products that are not compatible with the type of hair, and also staying away from other products in some of these cases, such as pregnant women. , various skin ulcers, and others, where we guide the client to the correct path to maintain his health first and then obtain a healthy and attractive appearance for the hair.

High-quality products

We are always distinguished by our high quality in everything related to our work in terms of choosing

High-quality products that are completely free of chemicals, and we also use all sterile tools and materials, which is our goal of preserving the health of customers and employees.

Quiet and relaxing

We are also distinguished by maintaining complete calm in Zizari Hair Care for the comfort of customers as if you were at home.

Customer satisfaction

We are distinguished by our commitment to appointments, as attendance is by prior reservation only, even

We can save our customers’ time and not waste their time.

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